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Who whe are?

Lighting design is all about science, art and love. We design effective illumination with a creative approach on how to integrate a lighting concept within the built environment. Above all lighting designers are passionate about the physics and the magic of light, that is the media to enhance people’s everyday life.

What we do?

Collaborating with architects and engineers, artists and experts in cultural heritages, facilities and maintenance managers, private and public stakeholders, lighting designers apply both natural and artificial lighting to influence the mood and well-being of people, designing for comfort, atmosphere and feelings.

Why a LD?

You can recognize urban spaces touched by our design, since you won’t find over-illumination, energy waste, nor light trespass, also known as “light-pollution”. Lighting design can help us feel safe and secure but also make a significant contribution to social cohesion and economic progress.

A video by ZERO: Stefano De Marco, Niccolò Falsetti, Alessandro Grespan
With: Luca Di Giovanni & Valeria Nardilli | Production: Barbara Simone Roberti
AD: Carlo Tozzi | DOP: Benjamin Maier | Sound: Lorenzo Schirru
Scenography: Daniele Frabetti | Costume design: Irene Carapacchio
MUA: Alice Gentili | Gaffer: Maurizio Baisi | Carpenter: Enzo Ferraro

Bad first Impression are common as online dating, but this is not just another bad first date story. The provocation is the instrument through which we intend to break the barriers that separate us. First date is a pretext. The story we are telling is a commonplace. Extra-ordinary is the Light. Lighting Design is a service affordable for everyone. Quality lighting is a right as well as health care. Look at your life in a new light. Regenerate the context in which you live. Turn on your right light! Sometimes it’s not a bad life, it’s just a bad Light - Lighting Designers #WeLoveLight
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